Thor and Star Lord

Warning – Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER ALERT! – Please kindly skip this blog post if you haven’t watch the movie yet

Hola mi amigo! if you’re reading this, then I consider that you have watched Avengers: Infinity War. That, or you just don’t care at all cause you never have any plan to watch the movie any sooner or ever. So, here goes nothing…

I watched the movie and I love it. It’s kinda like the comic except some things like it shouldn’t be Hulk who delivered the “Thanos is coming” news but it should be Silver Surfer. and Wolverine should be killed by Thanos too (God I love X-Men!). However, due to copyrights between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, we can not see them in this movie. We can’t even see them in one frame with Avengers team anytime sooner (well, for now).

In this movie, I can’t help but feeling intrigued by how similar and contradictory are Thor and Star Lord. Let me make it into some points as follow:

  • Similarity: They are both aliens!
    While one is the Asgardian God of thunder, the other one is half son of female human and celestial creature called Ego.
Ego, The Living Planet
  • Contradictory: They are different “kind” of male
    I swear that the first encounter of Thor and GotG is one of my favorite scene. Drax refer to them as a dude and a man.

    Star Lord: “How the hell is this dude is still alive?”
    Drax: “He’s not a dude. You’re a dude. This…..This is a man…… a handsome.. muscular man.”
    Star Lord: “I’m muscular…”
    Rocket: “who you kiddin, Quill? You’re one sandwich away from being fat.”

    A Couple Phothoshoot
  • Similarity: They are both orphans.
    We all know that both of them lose their parents. Period. (Star Lord “father” ‘s death, Yondu, still breaks my heart tho).

  • Contradictory: Gaining and Losing.
    When it comes to how to deal with life problems, there are two kind of people. The one who keep calm and gain something from it, and the one who burst and lose it all. We saw Thor lose almost everything, parents, Asgard, and the love-hate brother Loki. Yet, in the end Thor still manage to give it all in order to create the Stormbreaker and not surprisingly, he ends up as the strongest Avenger. On the other hand, we also saw Star Lord lose almost his everything, mother, father, blue father, but Gamora. and the moment he knew that he lose Gamora too, he was mad! and let’s say his 5 seconds of anger ruined everything (according to some people. For me? not really).
  • Similarity: They lose to Thanos!
    Haha no comment about this one. Ciao!

    Bonus Pic!


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7 thoughts on “Thor and Star Lord

  1. I haven’t watched it, but I have no idea what spoiler is, and I don’t believe in it…
    I love Thor, Star Lord, Drax ❤️💕


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